Why Alpha?

A trusted partner dedicated to delivering solutions that protect revenue, drive efficiencies and improve cash flow.

Why Alpha?

State-of-the-Art Protection


In the age of HIPAA and HITECH, data integrity is a key element in any healthcare organization’s electronic data management initiative. The ability to trust the company you partner with to safeguard the interests of patients is vital to peace of mind.

The sheer volume of details and rules associated with federal privacy and security expectations can be overwhelming, especially when hospitals are devoting already-strained resources to taking their health IT to the next level.

With Alpha Systems, our clients can rest easy knowing that our systems are certified with ISO 27001—the only internationally accepted security standard. ISO 27001 combines risk analysis and risk treatment and is backed by 11 exhaustive control categories and 133 required controls. It’s not enough to simply have the controls in place; certification also requires a process for regular evaluation of threats and vulnerabilities as well as a demonstration of continuous process improvement. Attaining this superior certification is demonstration of our commitment to providing best-in-class information security and protection standards.

Our rigorous security measures ensure compliance with all HIPAA and HITECH requirements via such tools as two-factor authentication, layered firewalls, heavy use of encryption and secure file transfer. Our clients also benefit from some of the highest levels of technology performance and storage capacity in the industry.

As evidenced by our state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, quality is inherent in everything we do. We are committed to the disciplined, data-driven approach to business process improvement that is defined by Six Sigma. It’s not only something we strive to help our clients achieve, but we practice lean processes internally as well. Accuracy is our obsession, which means our clients can expect consistency in excellence and reliability.

We are passionate about quality because your peace of mind is our business.

Why Quality