Why Alpha?

A trusted partner dedicated to delivering solutions that protect revenue, drive efficiencies and improve cash flow.

Why Alpha?

Congratulations on snagging one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. We’re here to lend a hand.


Is this you?


Feeling like you need to administer the Heimlich for every information bottleneck? Managing your meaningful use strategy as other priorities bear down on you? Dealing with increasingly adversarial (and often downright contrarian) payers?

For hospitals and healthcare systems like yours, the pace of change is relentless – and downward pressure on revenues severe. Yet you are charged with nothing less than managing all this – and improving revenue cycle performance.


The right partner can get you there: The wrong partner? Anywhere but there.


To succeed, you need a partner born to the challenge, rather than a vendor jury-rigged for it. A trusted resource invested with a deep historical understanding of the industry rather than a company spread among too many industries. A partner who gets where you’re going rather than guesses.


That’s us. That’s Alpha.


Alpha Systems is empowered by a singleness of purpose. We are committed to help you thrive – however fluid the environment – by providing software and services that work to increase cash flow and net revenue and improve overall revenue cycle performance.

For four decades now, we’ve driven process change for enhanced healthcare delivery, from transitioning from paper-based to electronic workflows to providing healthcare providers with solutions in data capture, automation software and predictive analytics solutions.

Data capture. We ensure that all information from every data source is completely compatible and ready for immediate routing to those who need it – when and where they need it – throughout the patient-information lifecycle. LEARN MORE

Automation. From meeting the daily challenges of your revenue cycle performance to ensuring that patient information is completely portable (and secure), our automation software is built to put bottom line-killing workarounds out of commission – permanently. LEARN MORE

Predictive Analytics. Continually innovating, we now offer predictive analytics technology – AlphalyticsTM – that isolates and addresses instances of underpayment to rapidly improve your cash flow and net revenue. LEARN MORE