Predictive Analytics

A powerful solution for CFOs/Revenue Cycle Leaders determined to enhance net revenue and cash flow.


PROBLEM: Denials and Underpayments

Every day, the stakes get higher – but the “solution” remains the same. The challenge of bundled payments and re-admission rates is increasing billing complexity and denials. Underpayment has become so commonplace it is assumed. Denial patterns have become increasingly impenetrable. ICD-10 is poised to usher in an entirely new class of billing mistakes. In this environment, CFOs/Revenue Cycle Leaders are being judged by their ability to recover revenue and accelerate cash flow.

The problem: The traditional means of dealing with such new realities doesn’t work. Throwing staff and spreadsheets at challenges like these is tried but not true. By the time you get the numbers, they’re yesterday’s news. All this is occurring within a system that is all about the next claim. As a result, you’ve been forced to accept untenable levels of underpayment and denials as the cost of doing business.

SOLUTION: Alphalytics™ for Denials Prediction and Revenue Risk Mitigation  A

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  • Insight into future revenue risk utilizing predictive models based on historical and current data
  • Benchmark on a payer-to-payer and peer-to-peer basis
  • Empower the revenue cycle team to take preventative action for denial avoidance

As a CFO, you want to empower your management team with the most efficient technology available to meet the demands of the industry. You want to know where your revenue risk is, before the aggregate impact occurs. You want to stop having to explain why it happened in the first place. You also want to see how your revenue team compares to other peer institutions, and where payer denial patterns are arising that impact the benchmarked group as a whole.

Alphalytics uses predictive analytics to uncover the hidden denial patterns that will provide visibility into root causes of denials, enabling you to take action to prevent them from re-occurring and ultimately recovering/avoiding lost revenue. The benchmarking metrics in Alphalytics will give you unbiased insight into how often you get paid upon first pass. It is that no-touch revenue cycle process which will get you to your desired cost-to-collect target.