Data Capture

Seamlessly integrating data to enhance revenue-cycle performance.


Like never before, thanks largely to the relentless speed of technology, the business of healthcare is overflowing with incompatibility. Disparate data – paper documents, legacy IT systems and electronic health record (EHR) mandates – conspire to create disconnects that negatively impact revenue cycle performance. In fact, it actively combats your best efforts to minimize time in A/R and decrease Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB). Compounding this challenge is that typically, far too much time is spent internally wrangling this mass into something that seems organized – an expensive proposition indeed.

Alpha’s Data Capture Services ensure that all information from every data source is completely compatible and ready for immediate routing to those who need it – when and where they need it. When you partner with Alpha for scanning, interfacing and assembly services, you can be confident that the information you need is timely, organized and accurate.

Focus your staff’s energies on what they do best – and leave the scanning to Alpha.

At most hospitals, operational scanning has come to represent an all-too-familiar bottleneck, the consequence of which negatively affects everything from staff utilization and billing, to cash flow and collection. Alpha Systems solutions are purpose-built to eliminate this bottleneck by accelerating your facility’s transition from paper to electronic health records. Ultimately, we see to it that billing speeds out the door, which helps you enhance revenue-cycle efficiency and better manage cash flow – saving you significant time and money.

We bring decades of experience to your immediate advantage. Our scan center delivers more than a million superior-quality images daily, every one of them ensured by the highest level of data quality and security in the industry. What’s more, we’re flexible, capable of loading and integrating scanned images into more than a hundred third-party software systems.

At Alpha, we can convert a day’s worth of patient records into electronic documents in 12 hours or less – which can assist substantially in enabling you to lower DNFB and allow you to focus on coding and other revenue focused activities.

Alpha Systems high-speed IBML scanners.


Partnering with Alpha for document scanning will have a positive, powerful and immediate impact on your electronic patient-information lifecycle and optimize health information management overall. Outsourcing your scanning to our team of scanning and data formatting experts also gives you a measurable strategic edge. Rather than focusing on the detail-driven housekeeping involved with the digitization of documents, you and your staff will be able to concentrate on mission-critical activities such as ICD-10.

Consider the immediate and ongoing benefits of Alpha’s scanning services:

  • Getting bills out the door faster
  • Decreasing DNFB
  • Eliminating storage costs of scanned documents 
  • Eliminating the incidence of misplaced or lost charts
  • Focusing resources on /dedicating staff to ICD-10
  • Recovering office space previously dedicated to file rooms
  • Increasing coder productivity
  • Facilitating faster chart completion and reimbursement
  • Decreasing medical record deficiency and delinquency rates

Ensuring EHR compatibility.

As hospital after hospital has discovered, many legacy IT systems are not at all compatible with new electronic health records. Failure of communication on this scale – this “disconnect” – can reverberate throughout your entire organization, resulting in significant complications. Without access to crucial information, teams are working at far less than optimum performance, which can negatively impact everything from service levels to revenue-cycle performance.

At Alpha, we understand the need to elevate and enhance the flow of information throughout the hospital enterprise. Our staff has more than fifteen years of experience with all types of interfacing, including HL7, MTR and ADT. Such a knowledge base in healthcare-specific interfacing technology enables us to seamlessly integrate legacy data feeds into your electronic systems. We ensure that your revenue cycle teams have the information they need at their fingertips – with no loss in translation – so they’re free to perform at their best.

Getting complete patient charts to those who need them.
Precisely when they need them.

Alpha streamlines chart assembly to accelerate your revenue cycle

When information is not readily available to all stakeholders involved in the patient lifecycle, bottlenecks occur – and revenue suffer. To address these challenges, Alpha Systems provides best-in-class chart assembly services to hospitals on a regional basis. These services represent a very important first step in preparing patient charts for scanning, and improve quality, speed and efficiency throughout the process. Streamlining chart assembly enables hospitals to improve their Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) by several days, resulting in more rapid revenue.

Conducted by Alpha’s team of experts, chart assembly services include:

  • Arranging of multi-page documents in proper chart and date order – per department guidelines and in proper orientation
  • Verifying that all records we receive are scanned and electronically delivered

Partnering with Alpha Systems for chart assembly allows for the re-purposing of internal staff to focus on critical initiatives such as transitioning to ICD-10 and achieving Meaningful Use. Additionally, it improves efficiency, cash flow and ROI by:

  • Enhancing coder productivity
  • Accelerating time-to-bill rates
  • Improving accessibility to patient information
  • Reducing medical record deficiency and delinquency rates

Completing the transition to an electronic environment.

You’ve made the transition to a fully electronic environment. Congratulations. Yet you still have file rooms bursting with pre-conversion paper medical records. Not for long.

True operational efficiency, security and care delivery are streamlined only when all historical paper records are converted to digital formats. By partnering with Alpha Systems for backfile scanning, you’re on your way. With no paper records, you’ve eliminated the need for dedicated file rooms – real estate that can better be put to more productive, revenue-generating use. At the same time, you’ve also eliminated the need for expensive offsite storage and retrieval services.

Alpha has the track record to get the job done, having digitized more than 3 billion images for more than 150 healthcare providers.

Data protection through the end of the information lifecycle.

In today’s highly regulated healthcare environment, you require a sound strategy for ensuring that Protected Health Information (PHI) is never compromised nor breached due to error, negligence or fraud. Alpha is the partner to make good on such a strategy.

Our processes meet the guidelines of the American Hospital Association (AHA). Our 25,000-pound shredder and bailer is designed to meet the growing data-destruction demands of healthcare providers. Additionally, we have the capability to shred CDs, tapes and other media. At the end of its useful life, data are completely destroyed, and your peace of mind is assured.

Stories of Success.

Comprised of two hospitals, Capital Health is leveraging Alpha Systems’ innovative data and document solutions to transition to a fully paperless environment—a move that will save countless hours by eliminating the need to retrieve, track and re-file paper charts. Alpha Systems has scanned more than 25 million images and provides the capacity, accuracy and image quality to meet the enterprise-wide demands of one of the nation’s premier health systems. The Business Office now has instant access to insurance information to accelerate the verification process, which also eliminates the need to interfile loose reports and streamlines the department operations with instant access to UB 92 and other financial records. It has also enabled Accounts Payable to eliminate hundreds of square feet of filing space while still providing immediate access to AP files.



Temple University Health System, a comprehensive healthcare system, engaged Alpha Systems to manage its operational scanning needs. Because Alpha Systems is able to scan and load records into Alpha ImageWorks® in less than 12 hours, Temple is able to utilize remote coding and has streamlined information retrieval and release of information processes. It has also fully automated its HIM department at its flagship facility, Temple University Hospital. In all, Alpha Systems has scanned more than 100 million images for Temple University Health System, a service that has positively impacted revenue, HIM operations and patient care.