Automation software from Alpha: Giving workarounds their walking papers.


Chances are you and your revenue-cycle team spend far too much time walking around doing workarounds, regularly supporting manual processes that are not part of the automated electronic workflow process. The results aren’t pretty: Wasted time and effort, and a serious hit to the bottom line. Alpha offers permanent remedies to what are by definition temporary fixes – cost-efficient electronic solutions that eliminate many if not all of the manual tasks that negatively impact revenue cycle performance.

Accelerating Information Flow Across the Enterprise


Alpha ImageWorks® 9000 is an Electronic Document Management software that supports quick and secure retrieval of health information across the enterprise, ensuring no breakdowns or bottlenecks occur in a hospital’s quest to provide timely access to electronic data.

Data and Document bottlenecks are eliminated because, information critical to revenue cycle performance is captured from a variety of sources, organized and made available to authorized users in a way that improves the efficiency of all departments. From HIM and Patient Access to Patient Financial Services (PFS), clinical services and quality management, this streamlined system of information access eliminates the inefficient workflows that have burdened the revenue cycle for years.

HIM departments no longer have to track down physicians to address chart deficiencies nor do they have to code from paper; they simply deliver the information electronically with the push of a button. Physicians have instant electronic access to patient information and can complete charts from hospital workstations, their office or even home. Tasks are performed quickly, positively impacting the status of a hospital’s Discharged-Not-Final-Billed (DNFB).

Contact us for more information on our modules:

  • Patient Access Suite
  • HIM Suite (Chart Deficiency/E-Signature, Physician Query and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Audit Trails, Release of Information)
  • PFS Suite
  • Electronic Filing Cabinet (EFC)

Flexible Interfaces Allow for Easy Integration


Alpha ImageWorks is easily integrated with a wide array of clinical information systems like Epic, MEDITECH, Siemens, Eclipsys/Allscripts and Cerner, along with ambulatory systems such as NextGen and Allscripts. Integration allows users to access scanned or COLD-fed images from within a hospital’s existing clinical information system without having to sign in to Alpha ImageWorks separately. Alpha Systems also has experience integrating with ambulatory EHRs, allowing physician practices to access electronic documents for a more complete patient picture.


Flexible Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs


Whether your hospital has a large-scale IT infrastructure or prefers a simplified method of accessing Alpha ImageWorks®, we have the right solution. It can be delivered via Premise Based or through a secure private cloud SaaS model. Organizations choosing to access the solution through a private cloud can be assured of convenient and secure remote access from anywhere the Internet is available. Because it is hosted on the Alpha Systems server, the private cloud eliminates the need for using already over-burdened hospital IT resources and assures that the highest levels of security are met. 


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