Automation software from Alpha: Giving workarounds their walking papers.


Chances are you and your revenue-cycle team spend far too much time walking around doing workarounds, regularly supporting manual processes that are not part of the automated electronic workflow process. The results aren’t pretty: Wasted time and effort, and a serious hit to the bottom line. Alpha offers permanent remedies to what are by definition temporary fixes – cost-efficient electronic solutions that eliminate many if not all of the manual tasks that negatively impact revenue cycle performance.

Abington Health is a multi-hospital health system serving more than 42,200 inpatients and 131,000 emergency patients annually. Deploying Alpha ImageWorks® enterprise solution has given Abington’s physicians instantaneous access to millions of patients’ electronic documents, resulting in a dramatic improvement in patient care. It has also boosted clinician satisfaction by enabling physicians to conveniently complete charts from any authorized workstation within the health system, their office and even home.

Winthrop-University Hospital, a university-affiliated medical center providing care for more than 33,000 inpatients each year, deployed Alpha ImageWorks® as a way to bridge the 11-mile distance between its patient accounting department and the hospital.

In the past, when a patient record was needed, HIM would photocopy the file and send it to patient accounting via courier, a slow and expensive process. Today, scanned records can be viewed via Alpha ImageWorks® by any authorized user, including the patient accounting department. Not only does this immediate access speed workflow processes, but it has also reduced the costs associated with pulling, copying and delivering paper records