Automation software from Alpha: Giving workarounds their walking papers.


Chances are you and your revenue-cycle team spend far too much time walking around doing workarounds, regularly supporting manual processes that are not part of the automated electronic workflow process. The results aren’t pretty: Wasted time and effort, and a serious hit to the bottom line. Alpha offers permanent remedies to what are by definition temporary fixes – cost-efficient electronic solutions that eliminate many if not all of the manual tasks that negatively impact revenue cycle performance.

Butler Memorial Hospital is a 250 bed acute care facility that provides a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services. The Health Information Management (HIM) department was tasked to take on large volumes of medical coding after the health system acquired several radiology and laboratory practices in Western Pennsylvania. The coding staff, prior to the practice acquisitions, was stable but not capable of handling the additional volume without staff increases or outsourcing.

Working with the Fusion CAC team, HIM was able to demonstrate that Fusion CAC would decrease costs and improve revenue. A return on investment could be realized in months – not years. The integration to MEDITECH was completed quickly and on schedule to begin with a limited implementation of outpatient records. Without the added volume of the new practices, the testing and tuning of the EMscribe™ Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine of Fusion CAC was completed on the hospital’s own radiology and laboratory charts.

After 120 days, with the added coding volume of the acquired radiology and laboratory practices, the results of Fusion CAC were highly visible. Butler Health System processes over 3,500 outpatient charts through Fusion CAC weekly. Of the charts processed weekly, nearly 50% were automated and bypassed coding to go direct to billing. The charts that were not automated are processed and presented to a coder with codes suggested, increasing productivity and decreasing coding effort.

One huge issue that Fusion CAC helped uncover was missing and incorrect information. Fusion CAC made it easier for HIM to pinpoint the sources of the problem and through education and process changes they were to correct it. Overall, Butler was able to decrease the denials they were getting for medical necessity.

Source: Dolbey Systems, Inc