Automation software from Alpha: Giving workarounds their walking papers.


Chances are you and your revenue-cycle team spend far too much time walking around doing workarounds, regularly supporting manual processes that are not part of the automated electronic workflow process. The results aren’t pretty: Wasted time and effort, and a serious hit to the bottom line. Alpha offers permanent remedies to what are by definition temporary fixes – cost-efficient electronic solutions that eliminate many if not all of the manual tasks that negatively impact revenue cycle performance.

ICD-10 is delayed, but it will happen.


You have room to breathe but eventually we will go from using 17,000 codes to 141,000, and we can still expect productivity to drop by approximately 70% How will you use this additional time to better prepare and position your hospital when ICD-10 hits? Alpha suggests enhancing your operational efficiencies, continue to train your staff, and implement a solution for ICD-10. It is imperative that hospitals and healthcare organizations use the additional time to improve and test their clinical document accuracy, streamline auditing workflows and acquire productivity tools to prepare for the new ICD-10 deadline. CDI, coding, billing, and auditing are important processes to sustain revenues and maintain compliance.

If, on the other hand, you’ve aligned your organization with the right Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) partner, the day ICD-10 goes into effect could be a day you breathe a lot easier. Alpha Systems, in partnership with CAC industry leader Dolbey, offers a comprehensive CAC solution that drives more accurate and efficient coding – crucial to ICD-10 compliance and vital to any hospital’s revenue cycle. Hospitals exactly like yours. Learn more about the power of CAC for your hospital and why we have partnered with Dolbey to bring you Fusion CAC™.


CAC is the answer.


Whether you are a CFO trying to save money, make money, or improve cash flow or you’re a Director of HIM who shares those concerns as well as maintaining staff productivity there is a solution. That solution is CAC (Computer-Assisted Coding).

Working in conjunction with your CDI initiatives, CAC can handle ICD-10 and the challenges it’s going to throw at you and your staff. CAC is a software solution that takes these challenges head on by delivering real time analysis of clinical documentation and code recommendations based on key terms and phrases. CAC provides you with greater accuracy rates, higher productivity and lower denials.

CAC is not a plug and play business software. It takes time and expertise to install it properly. But once it’s up and running, CAC provides you with richer reporting capabilities that are needed for accessing accurate data. Plus, CAC means hiring less people and we suspect that is good news since finding experienced hospital coders won’t be an easy task.

And best of all, CAC has a quick ROI.


Defining CAC.


Successfully rising to the challenges of ICD-10 requires the simultaneous reduction of coding costs and increase in coder productivity. CAC responds dynamically on both counts. It virtually eliminates many of the errors and costs that plague manual coding processes by automatically generating codes based on clinical documentation. CAC technology makes this critical information available to your Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) specialists or coders in real-time for rapid and cost-effective review, validation and/or modification.


The power of suggestion.


Using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, CAC scans medical documentation in the EHR, using linguistics and contextual rules to analyze documentation and suggest codes based on key terms and phrases. As a direct consequence, even with clinicians becoming far more specific in their documentation, hospitals will benefit from greater accuracy rates, higher productivity gains and lower denial rates.

Additionally, CAC can enhance clinical documentation improvement initiatives by enabling concurrent Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) coding, which supports its growing acceptance in inpatient settings.


The Fusion CAC difference.


How do you know what’s the best CAC for you? As a company that is committed to helping hospitals run at their maximum efficiency, Alpha Systems vetted the industry searching for the best CAC software tool. We searched with hospitals in mind, and more particularly with CFOs and Directors of HIM in mind. Our goal was to find a CAC partner who would solve your problems, not create new ones. Our process verified one clear choice—Dolbey's Fusion CAC.

  • Dolbey has been in business since 1914
  • Dolbey's Fusion CAC is powered by the most experienced NLP [Natural Language Processing Technology] coding engine in the industry
  • Dolbey's Fusion CAC's NLP engine has been coding inpatient and outpatient charts since 2005
  • Dolbey is the most experienced company in a relatively new business software category and leads the industry as the fastest and most accurate in coding results
  • Dolbey has a proven and long track record of successful and efficient hospital installs

Dolbey's Fusion CAC is the best product for hospitals to use in combatting the effects of ICD-10. It delivers on everything you want from a CAC product—quality product, short install times and competitive pricing, all leading to a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Since 1975, Alpha has implemented strategies for hospitals to improve workflows, create cost efficiencies and enhance revenue cycle management. We understand the nuances associated with converting and processing patient information. We recognize as well the pressure you’re under to maintain coder productivity and a solid bottom line—pressure that’s building in anticipation of ICD-10.

Let Alpha Systems and Dolbey's Fusion CAC help you be prepared for ICD-10 and the positive impact it will have on you, your staff and your bottom line.