Employee Testimonials

For nearly four decades, Alpha Systems has demonstrated its ability to deliver data and document management solutions to America’s leading healthcare providers. Because of our dedicated employees, Alpha is able to provide top-line products and services with the highest-quality possible. Here is what our employees are saying:

Vince, Lead Software Engineer

"My first day at Alpha Systems, I was greeted with a warm welcome from my team, given a tour of the facility, became acquainted with my future colleagues, and an opportunity for success. Over the course of four and a half years at Alpha Systems, I find myself returning to work every day still receiving a warm welcome from my team. I have become an expert at navigating the facility. Most importantly, I have wonderful relationships with those I was acquainted with on my first day, and my opportunities for success have exceeded my expectations."

Steve, System Administrator

Since I joined Alpha Systems my co-workers have made me feel like I am an essential part of the team, and that my knowledge and willingness to work hard are appreciated. The mood of my team is genuinely upbeat, and challenges in our department are tackled with determination. I enjoy coming to work and hope to continue being a part of Alpha Systems as they continue to grow.

Tony, Director, IT

"I enjoy working at Alpha Systems for many reasons. First and foremost, my boss creates an atmosphere that challenges us and allows us the freedom to tackle situations as we see fit. That level of trust is unique to our department and makes it fun to come into work every day. I have been at Alpha over 9 years and made many friends here. Everyone genuinely cares about each other and that is evident in all of the fundraisers and events that happen at Alpha. I also see a bright future at Alpha Systems for all of us and would love to continue being a part of making that happen."

Cyndi, Director, Sales and Marketing

"I’ve been with Alpha Systems for over 10 years and haven’t stopped professionally growing since my first day. Every day I’m provided exciting opportunities to learn more about our industry and the people in it. I work with a wonderful group of caring people who genuinely want to make a positive impact in Healthcare. I am very proud to be a member of Alpha’s team!"

Bryan, Healthcare Sales Representative

"Alpha Systems is a really great place to work, which begins with the people. Alpha has done a remarkable job at creating a great environment where everyone feels like family. The executive and management team is very positive and uplifting and truly wants everyone to succeed and grow in their positions. Aside from the people, I love being involved in this constantly evolving industry and being able to help hospitals, which in turn, helps their patients."

Vince, Manager of Software Engineering

"I enjoy seeing Alpha’s continuous appreciation given to all employees. We all work as a team and that’s what makes life great at Alpha."